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Revell's 1963 Corvette Grand Sport

'63 Corvette Grand Sport


The Autofest

Each year PARMA HOBBY holds the AutoFest contest.  Find out what it's all about, how you can participate in all the modeling fun and about the past winning entries and their builders.


Revell's Focke Wolfe FW 190

Focke Wolfe FW 190


Revell-Monogram Kits

We have a wonderful selection of the popular Revell-Monogram and Revell Germany plastic model kits in stock.


See the winning AutoFest participants & their entries!

Enter the World of Plastic Model Building

The miniature world of models can spark your imagination and indulge your sense of history.  Building models is a skill almost anyone can develop.  PARMA HOBBY has plastic kits for modelers of every experience level and interest.  Choose from a wide selection of plastic kits of model cars, trucks, semi tractors and trailers, airplanes, tanks and armor, boats, ships and miniature figures and just about any other type of model you can imagine.  Be sure to take a peek at what new plastic model car kits are in as well as those that will be arriving throughout the year.


Within this section you will find information about our:


  • Airplanes:  Let your imagination fly with whether its a commercial passenger jet or a deadly WWII warbird.
  • Armor:  Free your imagination with a plastic military model.  Terrifically detailed kits available.
  • AutoFest:  Learn about our annual modeler builders contest and past winners.
  • Boats & Ships:   Let your imagination set sail away.
  • Building Essentials:  The tools and aids you can't do without.
  • Cars, Trucks & Motorcycles:  Free your imagination with a plastic model car.  Everything from Model T Fords to formula racers.
  • Detailing Accessories:  You'll need this stuff to trick out your next project!!!
  • Figures:  Add life to your displays.
  • Tips & Tricks:  Some good to know plastic modeling tips and tricks.



What are Scale Models?

A scale model is simply a three-dimensional, proportional replica of a physical object. The "Scale" of a model usually is expressed as a fraction of its full-size counterpart.


For example: a 1/6 scale figure of a 6' person would be 1' tall. And the proportions of that subject would be reproduced faithfully, head to foot. Or, to put it in modeling terms: it would take 72 1/72 scale F-16 Falcons end-to-end to equal the length of the real thing.


Modeling became serious during World War II when "recognition" or "ID" models, mostly in 1/72 scale, helped train military personnel to tell friend from foe. By the end of the war, the demand for aircraft, ship and tank models had mushroomed into the general public conscientiousness.


Skill Levels

If you are new to plastic models start with a Level 1 model kit. These kits usually require no painting or gluing and do not include many detail parts.


For the more experienced modeler Skill 2 and Skill 3 plastic models are recommended since they require painting and gluing. For the advanced modeler, Skill 4 and higher plastic models are even more complex since they usually require extensive work with the interior/engine details of the model kit.


Kits rated as skill level 2 or 3 require all basic modeling skills to complete. This includes cutting parts from sprues and trimming or sanding them prior to use, test fitting prior to final assembly, the use of cement to assemble the parts, and the use of paint to complete them. In addition, accessory parts sold individually (often called after-market products) for use with model kits are considered part of the advanced skill levels. Kits in these classes are not suitable for small children. Adults who have never before completed a plastic model kit will probably want to try some less difficult kits before beginning a Skill Level 3 kit.


Most of the difference between Skill Level 2 and Skill Level 3 has to do with the number of parts and the level of detailing found in the kits.

The AutoFest

Each year PARMA HOBBY holds the AutoFest contest.  Find out what it's all about, how you can participate and about past winning entries and their builders.


Make it Realistic

To make your model look as realistic as possible, you'll find many terrific quality aftermarket add-ons and hop-ups at PARMA HOBBY from such name manufacturers as Hoppin' Hydros, Detail Master, S. E. Ltd. and Pegasus Custom Accessories.


Try these fine manufactuers of add-ons and hop-ups...


Revell-MonogramRevell Germany

Did You Know?

PARMA HOBBY has been making friends for over a dozen years?  Watch for special savings throughout the 2007 year during our 12th Anniversary Celebration!

Most Popular Brands

PARMA HOBBY either carries or can order most popular brands of plastic model kits as well as hard to find die cast models.


Most Popular Brands are at PARMA HOBBY!
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