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SIG Kit - Somethin' Extra

SIG Somethin' Extra


Great Planes Kit - Slow Poke

Great Planes Slow Poke


Lanier Kit Stinger 40

Lanier Stinger 40


Carl Goldberg Kit - Tiger 2

Carl Goldberg - Tiger 2


Airplane Kits

The Airplane Kit Recipe

Have you heard the recipe for building an airplane: take one kit, add patience, skill, time, toss in a little smidgen of building knowledge, mix in plenty of hardware, wiring, adhesives, coverings, paint, and don't forget the tools, then shake gently.  Voila: A Perfect Airplane!


Sounds easy, doesn't it?  Kits are for people who like to build from scratch.  Kits generally include full size plans, wood and some of the hardware.  Some kits include wheels, fuel tanks, pushrods and even hinges.  Some kits give you the plans and the wood... Period! 


Building Balsa Wood Models

Balsa model airplanes are not difficult to build by someone who can master a few basic woodworking skills, primarily the use of a modeling knife and a sandpaper block.  A typical kit includes all of the parts to build the basic airframe of the model. plus step-by-step instructions for putting it together.  The radio, engine, fuel tank, wheels, covering material, and glue are purchased separately.  Construction time for a typical trainer model will be about 50 to 75 hours.


The Basic Tools

A few basic tools are needed for building model airplane kits:


  • Flat building board that pins can be pushed into (it should be large enough to build half the wing at a time).
  • Modeling knife (X-Acto #1 knife with #11 blades for starters).
  • Razor saw (X-Acto or Zona).
  • Needle nose pliers, small screwdrivers, T-pins.
  • Drill and a set of Twist-Drill bits (1/16" thru 1/4" dia.).
  • Ssanding block and assorted sandpaper.
  • Soldering iron and rosin core solde.r
  • Heat sealing iron and heat gun for applying iron-on coverings.


These tools are the start of a typical model builder's workshop.  While you can build most model airplane kits with these few basic tools, there are other tools that can make the job easier:


  • Dremel Tool
  • Jig Saw
  • Disc Sander
  • Razor Plane
  • Different Sized Modeling Knives
  • And etc.


All the Great Kits and Tools are Available

As you progress with the hobby, you will eventually want to add other tools to your shop.  Many of the ARF's and RTF's also come in kit form.  Nowadays, most kits are laser cut, which means the parts have a glove-fit for better assembling.  You merely have to punch the pieces out.  "In the old days", kits were die cut or merely imprinted and you had to cut all the pieces out!  No matter which great kit you choose or tools you require, they're all available at PARMA HOBBY!