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The Wonderful World of Radio Control Modeling

Whether your preference is model boats, cars, trucks, airplanes or helicopters, one thing these hobbies share in common is that they can be guided by radio control (R/C).  R/C guidance employs the use of a handheld radio transmitter (TX), a miniature radio receiver (RX), a battery power source and servos to supply mechanical movement to steer and to control the craft's "special" features.  Ready-to-run model packages usually include the necessary radio equipment.  With these complete packages, you are ready to enjoy the wonderful world of radio control modeling soon after opening the box.


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A Sense of Accomplishment and Pride

A sense of accomplishment and pride is the reward for those hobbyist who like to build their own R/C model.  Kit selections abound and you're sure to find one that appeals to you.  PARMA HOBBY carries engines and motors to power your model, radio equipment to guide your model and all the necessary fittings, glues, paints, tools and modeling accessories to complete your model.


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PARMA HOBBY either carries or can order most popular brands of radio control equipment, planes, cars and accessories.


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